Handling Electronic Protected Health Information in the COVID Era

With the advent of electronic hearings, client consultations, and virtual mediations arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, the courts, lawyers, and mediators will undoubtedly be handling protected health information.  This post will focus on some privacy considerations under Chapter 181 of the Texas Health & Safety Code. Overview of Applicable Statutes.  Both Texas law and federal law regulate the use and […]

Missing Passport Isn’t Enough to Prohibit Travel

Gerges v. Gerges, No. 08-19-00006-CV, 2020 Tex. App. LEXIS 1614, (Tex. App.—El Paso Feb. 26, 2020, no pet. filed) Link to Opinion Facts Mother alleged that there was a potential risk of international abduction and requested that Father be enjoined from removing the children from the U.S.  The evidence showed that the parties had jointly applied for the older child’s passport […]