Litigation Support

Trial Briefs

The Trial Brief will be prepared in a format that is ready to submit to the Court.

The Trial Brief can be a persuasive tool to use in hearings and trials that involve unique or complex legal issues.  The Trial Brief can provide a more detailed legal explanation of issues that the Court needs to decide.

Trial Briefs will be written in the Bluebook Citation Format with up-to-date Writ History.

Research Memos

“What must a parent prove to deviate from the Standard Possession Order in a case?”

“What must a spouse show in order to overcome the presumption of community property in Texas?”

These are questions Texas family law attorneys encounter on a daily basis.  Most family lawyers can of course identify these issues in their cases but may not have the time or resources to fully research the law.

A Research Memo is designed to be less formal than a brief that may be submitted to the Court.  It can be an excellent tool to be used in developing your client’s case, answering discovery, or preparing your client for their deposition. It can also be useful in deciding whether to pursue a particular course of action in a case based on the law.

Motion Practice: Summary Judgments & Jury Trial Documents

Complex written motions in family law divorces are time-consuming and require attention to detail.  Such motions can include drafting and responding to a summary judgment motion, discovery and Daubert motions, or pleadings related to a jury trial, such as the Charge, motions in limine, and motions for directed verdict.