Can you ask the Court to “deny” a modification without a trial?

Nellis v. Haynie (Hous. [1st. Dist] 2020)( 01-18-00736-CV) Link to Court Opinion Facts:  Father filed a suit to modify the parent-child relationship, and the non-parent managing conservators filed a “motion to deny relief in suit to modify parent-child relationship.”  Father filed this suit just six months after the prior order, and managing conservators said Father had not identified a material […]

Whether removal of geographic restriction was proper in a modification

In the Interest of A.C.M. (El Paso 2019) (08-18-00014-CV) Link to Court’s Opinion Facts:  Father filed a modification suit seeking to designate the child’s primary residence.  An associate judge restricted the child’s primary residence to El Paso County, Texas and granted Father possession of and access to the child according to the extended standard possession order.   Following a de novo […]